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  • 2015 China’s National Day holiday arrangements of Herb Nutritionals

    Dear Colleagues, clients and counterparts: Chinese National Day holiday is the longest official holiday in China, the same as the length of Chinese New year (or the Spring Festival). Every Chinese company will close their business during this period. According to the General Office of the State Council, The holiday arrangements of Herb Nutritionals during the National Holiday as below: Holiday ranges from October 1 to October, and October 8 and October 10 (Saturday) back to normal work. [caption ...

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  • What is the dosage for apigenin 98%?

    Recently, many users, here I mean none bulk herbal extract powder buyers, but end users (consumers) send us email regarding apigenin supplement dosage. Maybe there is no so much information about apigenin and its dosage on the internet, and they turn to us for help. As a manufacturer and marketer of apigenin ingredient in powder form, Herb Nutritionals has the responsibility to educate the public about everything about apigenin. At present, there ...

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  • Bulk pyrroloquinoline quinone powder presentation from Herb Nutritionals

    pyrroloquinoline quinone presentation Pyrroloquinoline quinone(PQQ) is one of the key products from Herb Nutritionals Co., Ltd. Many of our clients are using it in dietary supplements for energy boost in sports nutrition,  and anti-aging benefits for supplements and cosmetics. Some supplement brands also use PQQ as a nootropics since it is beneficial to the brain and cognition. However, Pyrroloquinoline quinone is still relatively new, and some of our clients first come to it, and still ask us ...

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  • Theacrine, a special purine alkaloid with sedative and hypnotic properties from Cammelia assamica var. kucha in mice

    Theacrine Study Theacrine is popular in the sports nutrition circles among bodybuilding athletes and fans. Many of our clients ask us to offer more information on study and research. However, there is no much useful news or documents for theacrine. Here is one good evidence: The central nervous system activities of theacrine (1,3,7,9-tetramethyluric acid), a purine alkaloid which is abundantly present in Camellia assamica var. kucha, were investigated in ambulatory activity, ...

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  • Bulk pqq supplement ingredient pyrroloquinoline quinone is on promotion from July to Sep 2015

    Pyrroloquinoline quinone may be the hottest ingredient in 2015 in the industry of dietary supplements, cosmetics, medicines, and food additives. We sold out 30kgs in the first half of 2015. And now, with the urgent demand from our loyal clients in the United States and the Europe, mass production with 50 kilos of pyrroloquinoline quinone (in the form of PQQ disodium salt) is readily available. More discounts will be made during the next three months. ...

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