Herb Nutritionals Co., ltd is a nutritional supplement company with facilities designed and built to pharmaceutical standards and also conforms to the food grade for dietary supplements.

This tour spotlights many areas of quality assurance, manufacturing and distribution and can serve as a teaching tool as you share information with your group members.

R&D department

Herb Nutritionals Co., Ltd has a set of advanced laboratory equipment for R&D, QC and QA, including: high performance liquid chromatographic instrument, HPLC-ELSD, HPLC, GS-MS, HPTLC, Atomic Absorbance Spectrophotometer, Nano membrane system, Freeze-drier, SFE CO2, high-performance thin layer chromatograph, gas chromatograph, UV analyzer, capillary electrophoresis apparatus, atomic absorption analyzer, nanofiltration experiment equipment, freeze drying equipment, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment, etc.


AAS (atomic absorption spectrophotometer)


HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography)

Herb Nutritionals has developed an outstanding state-of-the-art facility to serve the growing need for GMP compliant raw material and bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) accompanying the rapid pace of drug discovery and dietary supplements.


Single-effect outer circulation concentrators


Reactors, reacting kettle and extracting tanks