Black Rice Extract Cyanidin-3-glucosides (C3G)

Product NameBlack Rice Extract Cyanidin-3-glucosides (C3G)
Latin NameOryza sativa
Other namespurple rice extract, Cyanidin-3-glucoside,C3G, ProC3G, Chrysanthemin, forbidden rice, Cy-3-glc
Active ingredientCyanidin-3-glucosides, Anthocyanin
CAS Number7084-24-4
Molecular formulaC21H21O11+, Cl-C21H21ClO11
Molecular weight484.83, 449.38
Specifications5%-25% Anthocyanins
20%-50% Cyanidin-3-glucosides
Part Usedfull part seed
Appearance/colorviolet or black fine powder

What is black rice extract?
Black Rice Extract, according to Wikipedia, has many other names, such as purple rice extract, Chrysanthemin, C3G, Cyanidin-3-glucoside,etc, Oryza sativa,etc. Black Rice has long been consumed in China and is considered to be a healthy superfood because of its antioxidant content that able to prevent oxidative stress. In the long history of China, it has been used as an ancient and precious food similiar to normal white rice. Legend has it that this Chinese black rice got its name because it was so nutritionally beneficial that only the emperors were allowed to eat it. However, nowadays, we can get it all year for production since it is non-seasonal.

Black Rice Extract is an ancient and precious food similar to normal white rice. It has the function of removing free radicals, lowers activity of oxidizing enzymes and can absorb cholesterol. This food is used as in food supplements, functional beverages and food coloring.

The constituents of black rice extract
Black rice or purple rice contains anthocyanin glycosides such as chrysanthemin (Cyanidin-3-glucoside) that are not contained in other types of rice. Anthocyanin such as Cyanidin-3-Glucoside, Cyanidin-3-Rhamnoglucoside, Malvidin-3-Galactoside, and Peonidin-3-Glucoside,etc. However, Cyanidin-3-glucosides,or commonly known as C3G, is the most popular ingredient known. Therefore let’s make a brief introduction to Cyanidin-3-glucosides (C3G).

What is Cyanidin-3-glucosides (C3G)?
Have you heard of Cyanidin-3-glucosides (C3G) before? Dr Oz mentioned C3G and pterostilbene on his Dr Oz’s Show in 2013. It is relatively new to most supplement folks.
Cyanidin-3-glucosides (C3G) belongs to the same class of phytonutrients as other popular antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables, herbs and grains. Known as anthocyanins, these water-soluble nutrients are analogs of the plant pigments responsible for blue, red, orange and purple coloring. Many anthocyanins have been isolated, researched and found to be beneficial for human health. C3G is one of the most predominant anthocyanins found in nature. It’s also one of the most bioactive nutrients in its class and one of the most clinically researched.
In the discussion of high-powered antioxidants, there have historically been two main contenders: vitamin C and resveratrol. Careful and extensive research has demonstrated that these two nutrients deliver antioxidant protection against free radicals, thus helping us live longer, healthier lives. Now comes C3G (Cyanidin-3-glucoside), the next generation in cutting-edge, anti-aging nutraceuticals. Anthocyanins (particularly C3G) have been found to nourish the body by supporting a variety of fundamental mechanisms. C3G may defend against free radicals generated by oxidative stress and has been shown to support healthy cellular aging through its powerful antioxidant activity.

How C3G Works
Here’s an interesting fact that you might not know. The fat cell (not the muscle cell) is a major regulator of how easily you gain muscle. It’s the fat cell that sends all of the molecular signals for glucose and nutrient uptake in both fat and lean tissue. This is especially important because it’s the nutrient uptake that has the most impact (not androgens) on gaining muscle.
As most advanced bodybuilders know, the most anabolic hormone in the body is insulin, not testosterone. Unfortunately, insulin is anabolic in both muscle and fat. But by decreasing the effects of insulin on fat and increasing the effects of insulin on muscle, you can achieve what no one thought was possible and turn the common man into a bodybuilding genetic freak.

As always, there are genetic limitations to how much muscle an individual can gain – C3G can’t turn short muscle bellies into long muscle bellies. But I think we all understand that. The real issue at hand isn’t the genetic limits on overall muscle size. The sad fact is, most people will never attain but a fraction of the gains they could – both in terms of muscle gains and overall leanness – due to their dysfunctional nutrient uptake

Benefits of black rice extract Cyanidin-3-glucosides (C3G)
According to published research, anthocyanins (particularly C3G) nourish the body by supporting a variety of fundamental mechanisms. C3G may defend against free radicals generated by oxidative stress and has been shown to support healthy cellular aging through its powerful antioxidant activity. In addition, studies demonstrate distinct benefits for specific organs and systems:

C3G for Healthy Eyes: A 2011 study found that C3G defends the retina from the potentially harmful effects of light by supporting the healthy structure and function of photoreceptors. Scientists also theorize that C3G may promote healthy blood vessel function within the eyes.
C3G for a Healthy Heart: A 2009 study conducted with 120 participants suggests that C3G may support healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range through its influence on a key marker of cholesterol metabolism known as cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP). A 2011 study with 150 individuals demonstrated that C3G supports healthy blood flow and vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels) by promoting healthy activity of the nitric oxide/cyclic GMP pathway, a key mechanism in the maintenance of healthy blood vessels and healthy blood flow.

C3G for Healthy Glucose Metabolism: In a preliminary study using animal models, C3G was shown to support the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels through vascular mechanisms and the promotion of superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity. Further trials to confirm these benefits in human subjects are underway.
C3G for Weight Management: Another preliminary trial comparing the effects of C3G supplementation in animals fed high fat vs. normal diets found that supplementation resulted in significantly less weight gain in those consuming high fat diets.5 In vitro research suggests that anthocyanins may influence gene expression for fat metabolism, signaling the

4.C3G for Sports Nutrition
Scientists were excited to show in multiple peer-reviewed studies that C3G supplementation may be able to reduce fat gain and actually increase muscle gain in periods of controlled overfeeding. This was accomplished by C3G’s ability to vastly improve insulin sensitivity, making it easier for muscle cells to receive protein and carbohydrate calories while simultaneously making it easier for fat cells to release triglycerides as energy. In other words,subjects ate more food but instead of gaining body fat they gained muscle.

The more calories that were consumed in the test subjects, the more lean mass that was gained. In some cases, fat loss was still observed even in the case of overall weight gain, meaning that muscle gain and fat loss occurred simultaneously, a rare but possible phenomenon. Researchers immediately noted C3G’s potential for fighting obesity as well the performance enhancing aspect in sports as far as physique enhancement is concerned. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be able to eat more and not worry about where it goes? Exactly, so read on my friends because it only gets better.*

Dosage of Cyanidin-3-glucosides (C3G) supplement
Since there are different specifications of Cyanidin-3-glucosides (C3G),such as C3G 35%, C3G20%,C3G 40%,C3G 50%, or even higher, and thus the dosage for each of them are quite different. The appropriate dose of C3G depends on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for Cyanidin-3-glucosides (C3G). Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. However, from the supplements containing Cyanidin-3-glucosides (C3G), dosage for 35% C3G is 100mg, and some may be high to 200mg as well.