Custom Formula

Our targeted clients are supplement manufacturers, marketers, and even end users, and it all starts with ingredients and then ends with the formula. If all you have is an ingredient list or even just an idea of some ingredients, we can help!  We know the ingredients by categories very well. Ingredients for antioxidants, anti-aging, weight loss, sexual enhancers, bodybuilding, nitric oxide, muscle bump, immune support, eye health, nootropics, joint support, etc are our focused areas. We can create a wonderful tasting formula from scratch for you at a fraction of the cost of formula houses. Please contact one of our friendly sales representatives for a formulation quote.  After you approve the formula it is YOURS to use as you like. We don’t hold it hostage like some manufacturers. We believe in earning your business through good business practices and on-time delivery of your finished goods.

Formulation Development and Regulatory Support
We can help you formulate a new product from start to finish, or just fine tune one of your current formula. Our formulation team has years of experience. Design your own formula with our guidance and expertise. If you have your own formula in mind, we are fully capable of manufacturing it for you. In addition, we can offer guidance and expertise on absorption, bioavailability, use and safety considerations for nutrients.

We can manufacture your unique formula of ingredients in tablets, capsules, softgel caps, powders or creams. In addition, we can help you develop a Private Label. Or, if you prefer, we’ll deliver to you in bulk form.

Herb Nutritionals Co., Ltd has a variety of pre-designed supplement formulas ready and just waiting to be produced, packaged & marketed under your brand! Our comprehensive list of stock formulations is based on the latest scientific & nutritional trends and designed to meet your customer’s health needs, no matter what kind of vitamin or supplement you want or market sector you wish to target.

The below supplement types & dosage designs aimed are the best popular formulas among our clients

• Sports Nutrition
• Natural Herbs
• Women’s Health
• Organic Supplements
• Pet Nutrition
• Joint Health
• Kids Multivitamins
• Immune Support
• Vitamins
• Minerals
• Omega 3 Fish Oil

• Adult Multivitamins
• Bone Support
• Heart Health
• Pain & Inflammation

• Protein & Weight
• Tablets
• Capsules
• Softgels
• Gummies
• Powders

For a complete list of our available stock formulations, request more information on contact us page.