trans-Piceatannol 99%

Trans-Piceatannol 99%

Product namePiceatannol
SynonymsAstringinin, astringin, glycoside of piceatannol, piceatannol-3'-O-β-d-glucopyranoside, trans-Picetannol; Astringenin; trans-3,3',4,5'-Tetrahydroxystilbene
CAS number10083-24-6
Molecular formulaC14H12O4
Molecular Weight244.24
SourcesRheum undulatum, red wine, synthetic
Specifications98%,99% by HPLC
Appearance/colorLight tan to yellow powder to Off-white crystalline powder
Solubilitysoluble in ethanol and DMSO but not water
Package1kg~5kg / aluminum foil vacuum bag; 25kg/drum
BenefitsWeight loss, anti-aging
ApplicationDietary supplements, cosmetics

What is piceatannol?

Piceatannol may be new to most of you, but resveratrol is well-known to anyone who cares about health. Piceatannol is a metabolite of resveratrol, and has similar benefits of anti-aging and antioxidant effects. It is reported that there is a huge market of $750 Million for this new compound.

Piceatannol has many other names, such as 3,3′,4,5′-tetrahydroxystilbene, trans-Picetannol, astringinin, etc. Piceatannol is sometimes referred to as astringin, although this technically refers to the glycoside of piceatannol (piceatannol-3′-O-β-d-glucopyranoside). However, piceatannol has the unique CAS number of 10083-24-6. When we saw the CAS NO. 10083-24-6, we are able to verify it means piceatannol ingredient.

Sources of piceatannol

According to Wikipedia, Piceatannol is found in roots of Norway spruces (Picea abies), seeds of the palm Aiphanes horrida and in Gnetum cleistostachyum. Piceatannol was first isolated from Rheum undulatum, a plant that has been widely used in China and Korea for the treatment of blood platelet aggregation. It was reported that 0.3 g of pure piceatannol was isolated from 1 kg of dry root of Rheum undulatum.

At the same time, the limited supply of piceatannol from nature has prevented the diverse characterization of its biological activities. Therefore, the synthetic piceatannol from labs is a trend in China for mass production of piceatannol raw materials. The cost of synthetic piceatannol is much lower than the natural source, while enjoy much higher purit(not less than 98%, 99%). All the raw ingredient of piceatannol from China is made from laboratories.

Piceatannol VS Resveratrol

Piceatannol, a stilbene similar to Resveratrol, is a byproduct of the powerful phytochemical resveratrol. They share many properties, and piceatannol is believe to be an alternative to resveratrol and may be even better than resveratrol.

The structure of piceatannol is highly similar to resveratrol, as piceatannol (3,5,4′,3′-tetrahydroxystilbene) has a single hydroxyl group at the 3′-carbon differing from resveratrol (3,5,4′-trihydroxystilbene). The glycoside of piceatannol is astringin, or piceatannol-3′-O-β-d-glucopyranoside.

structure comparison of piceatannol and trans-resveratrol

structure comparison of piceatannol and trans-resveratrol

Increasing evidence implicates a health-promoting and therapeutic effect of resveratrol on aging and chronic diseases. However, poor bioavailability and rapid metabolism limit the use of resveratrol in dietary intervention for these diseases. While, the hydroxylated resveratrol metabolites, such as piceatannol, would increase the bioavailability, may be an alternative to resveratrol for a benefit to the health.

Mechanism of action of piceatannol
How does piceatannol work? Maybe we can say that its mode of action the same as that of resveratrol, but in fact not. Generally speaking, piceatannol blocks the development of immature fat cells into mature fat cells (a process called adipogenesis) by binding to their insulin receptors. Without insulin, the genes that promote the growth of baby fat cells (which cannot store fat) to adult fat cells (which can store fat) are never activated.

Piceatannol actually alters the timing of gene expressions, gene functions and insulin action during adipogenesis, the process in which early stage fat cells become mature fat cells. Piceatannol adheres to insulin receptors of early stage fat cells in the 1st phase of adipogenesis, preventing insulin’s capability to control cell cycles and trigger genes that execute additional phases of fat cell creation. Piceatannol effectively blocks the pathways needed for early stage fat cells to mature and develop. Piceatannol inhibits the formation of mature fat cells to achieve weight management goals. Therefore, weight loss benefits are achieved in this way.

Benefits of piceatannol
Piceatannol, an analog of resveratrol, has the benefits of resveratrol. piceatannol is reported to be anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, and anti-adipogenesis activities. Nowdays, piceatannol is more popularly used to help weight management, to be more exact, to prevent obesity (weight loss). Obesity is a serious health problem for almost 70% of the total US citizens,
Side effects of piceatannol
Resveratrol is approved by the FDA as GRAS (Generally regarded as safe), and no serious adverse effects have ever been reported. So far, studies have not discovered any severe side effects, even when resveratrol is taken in large doses. So, it’s easy to understand that as a downstream metabolite of resveratrol, piceatannol would not bring side effects, and scientific result also confirmed that piceatannol doesn’t has cytotoxicity.
Dosage of piceatannol
There is no recommended dose for piceatannol. Since piceatannol is relatively new to the dietary supplement industry, and not so many supplement manufacturers use it in their formulas. Most supplements contain 250 to 500 milligrams of resveratrol per serving or per capsule. Since piceatannol has a better bioavailability,to get the equivalent benefits of resveratrol, the same amount of resveratrol dosage or less is recommended from our chemists and nutritional specialists.
Where to buy high quality piceatannol raw material?
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