Laboratory Analysis

Herb Nutritionals Co., Ltd not only manufactures herbal products, nutraceuticals, also provides expert microbiological and chemical analyses for vitamins, botanicals, minerals, amino acids and other nutritional supplements, food and cosmetics products. Our lab analysis ranges include identity, purity, composition, strength of botanical products. Potency testing, Foreign Material & Microbial Bioburden Screening, residual solvent testing, heavy metal testing are also available.

Our focus is ensuring our ingredients and finished products are meeting specification. Herb Nutritionals Co., Ltd offers high throughput HPTLC and Microscopic analysis for Botanical Ingredient Identity Testing of whole herbs and plant extracts with a standard 5-business day turn-around time.

Herbal extract product industry is an emerging industry with no more than 15 years. The demand for natural products is on the rise. However, some problems emerge as well. There are still no international standards for most of the herbal products, and the quality is not guaranteed. The percentage of active ingredients from different companies varies.  Adulteration is a constant challenge for the dietary supplement industry. We test dietary supplement ingredients, botanicals & natural products. If you don’t see your ingredient on our list, please contact us directly.

All analytical procedures are fully documented for your onsite audit and GMP compliance need. We use regulatory and widely accepted industry methods, such as USP, AOAC, AHP, AOCS, INA and ASTA methods. Our in-house validated analytical methods and Statistical Quality Controlled (SQC) laboratory performance will deliver consistent and reliable lab reports on your samples.