Raw Material Sourcing

Herb Nutrionals Co., Ltd is a raw manufacturer of herbal extracts in the supplement industry. There is not a single company that is able to produce all the raw materials on its own. Even such a company exists, the quality and price is absolutely not the best. Moreover, some ingredients which are not native to China are also available to import to China for further processing and extraction, such as garcinia cambogia, 5-htp, curcumin, yohimbine, Maca, etc.

Our experienced purchasing team works closely with formulation team to source high quality raw materials from approved vendors. We can help you find those hard to find herbs, vitamins, specialty ingredients and many more.

We prefer to source our raw materials from within China, but this isn’t always possible. Many ingredients only come from specific countries.

How Herb Nutritionals gurantees the raw materials sourced is the good quality?
Herb Nutritionals utilizes an extensive audit program
We obtain information on the quality of the production source from both the manufacturers themselves and third party auditors as well. Our experience is that it’s not the country that counts, but rather the diligence in auditing and testing. This is what determines good quality, and ultimately leads to assurances of safety and purity.

We have audited facilities producing amino acids, nootropics, nutraceuticals, herbal extracts, and many other raw materials. We have traveled to many provinces and countries to make sure our supply partners are matching our production standards. After audits, we write detailed reports that are included in the quality files we maintain in-house.

Herb Nutritionals developed strong, long-term relations with key suppliers. These relationships guarantee us good raw material source and powerful purchasing power. The bulk quantity price breaks we enjoy are passed on to our customers in the form of affordable everyday pricing.