Herb Nutritionals Co., Ltd has always taken great pride in its quality control system. Our facility is GMP compliant, and the quality of raw ingredients is guaranteed. To provide customer with high quality products, we always keep the strictly quality control during the whole production process. The quality control in Herb Nutritionals Co., Ltd consists of 5 steps as below:

Quality Control #1

Upon arrival at our factory, herbalists will inspect the herbs to determine that they are of the correct species and part of the plant. If the herb is one of 500 plus herbs listed in the 2010 Chinese Herbal Pharmacopoeia the chemical analyses listed in the pharmacopoeia will be used to confirm the identification, ensure potency and to test for active constituents. The herbs are sorted, washed, and according to a specific protocol for each herb. From the very source, we make sure the best raw materials are the best quality without contamination.

Quality Control #2

Prior to processing, raw herbs are randomly sampled and inspected to ensure that they meet our strict quality control criteria, heavy metals and microbiology control are what we care on behalf of our clients.

Quality Control #3

A low temperature extraction process is used to minimize the potential damaging effect of high heat processing. During the concentration process the essential oil which are captured and preserve in the extraction process are added back (reintroduced) later in the granulation phase to ensure that all herbal constituents remain in our full spectrum extracts.

Quality Control #4

An array of test is used on every batch produced that is associated with the lot number. In addition, we perform heavy metals (lead, mercury, and arsenic) and micro bacteria screens (E. coli, salmonella, and various other possible bio-contaminants such as molds and yeasts). We also test for any known dangers such as Aristolochic Acid or for regulatory compliance such ephedrine alkaloids.

Quality Control #5

Once the product arrives at our warehouse, we randomly sample the extracts to ensure that the Chinese laboratories results are accurate.

Quality Checks from Raw Ingredient to Final Product


QC Process

Tableting and Capsuling Process

Many tests are performed after the product is tableted or capsuled, including:

  1. Tablets are monitored for size, weight, water activity, and hardness. Hardness testing ensures that tablets remain intact throughout the packaging and shipping process.
  2. Capsules are monitored for size, weight, and water activity. Powders are monitored for water activity.
  3. Weights of tablets and capsules are verified to guarantee that label claims are met.