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  • Bulk pqq supplement ingredient pyrroloquinoline quinone is on promotion from July to Sep 2015

    Pyrroloquinoline quinone may be the hottest ingredient in 2015 in the industry of dietary supplements, cosmetics, medicines, and food additives. We sold out 30kgs in the first half of 2015. And now, with the urgent demand from our loyal clients in the United States and the Europe, mass production with 50 kilos of pyrroloquinoline quinone (in the form of PQQ disodium salt) is readily available. More discounts will be made during the next three months. ...

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  • Pterostilbene Stimulates Nitric Oxide Production via Activation of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

    A latest study on pterostilbene published in springer and pubmed in May 2015 shows that pterostilbene may stimulate nitric oxide, and may be applied in sports nutrition supplements as a good alternative for L-citrulline, agmatine sulfate, L-argine, AAKG, beet root, etc. The below words are cited from the research: Endothelial dysfunction, a key process in development of cardiovascular diseases, is largely ...

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  • Eria Jarensis Extract, another DMAA replacement?

    Eria Jarensis Extract Have you ever heard of Eria Jarensis Extract before? I bet 99% of you haven’t. It is said to be the latest DMAA substitute as a stimulant in pre workout supplement. The new bodybuilding formula SP250 by GASPARI NUTRITION was the first sports nutrition supplement using this ingredient, followed by Mesomorph 3 from APS Nutrition. Does Eria Jarensis Extract really have the same benefits like DMAA? Do you believe it? There is no much ...

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  • N-Palmitoylethanolamide PEA CAS544-31-0 Pain killer

    Palmitoylethanolamide What is N-Palmitoylethanolamide? N-Palmitoylethanolamide, is relatively new to most customers, and is sold first as a medicine in Netherlands under the trademark of PEAPURE for the treatment of Nerve Pain or Migraine. However, n-palmitoylethanolamide is now popularly marketed in the United States and Europe as a dietary supplement ingredient in the formulas of sports nutrition for joint support, pain release, etc. According to Wikipedia, N-Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), an endocannabinoid, belongs to a family of endogenous (body-own) ...

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  • Appetite suppressant N-Stearoylethanolamide (SEA) CAS 111-57-9

    N-Stearoylethanolamide What is N-Stearoylethanolamide? From Wikipedia, N-Stearoylethanolamide (SEA) is the amide of stearic acid and ethanolamine, and defined as an endocannabinoid neurotransmitter. Very little information is available with regard to the bioactivity of N-Stearoyl ethanolamide. However, the below information are summarized by our editors, and hope it may be helpful for you to know more about Stearoylethanolamide. Generated by the PLD hydrolysis of mouse neuroblastoma cell membrane phospholipids, N-Stearoylethanolamide falls into the category of fatty N-acyl ...

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