Standardized Cistanche Tubulosa extract echinacoside and acteoside

Standardized Cistanche Tubulosa extract echinacoside and acteoside

Cistanche Tubulosa extract

Product name Cistanche Tubulosa extract
Synonyms Rou Cong Rong, Cistanche extract, Desert Hyacinth, Herba Cistanche, Desertliving Cistanche, Cistanche deserticola, suosuo dayun
Scientific Name Cistanche tubulosa (Schenk) Wight
Latin Name Cistanche deserticola Ma
Active Ingredients phenylethanoid glycosides, especially echinacoside and acteoside
Specifications Ratio 10:1,20:1, 30:1, echinacoside 25% min and acteoside 9% min
Appearance/color Brown to Brownish Yellow powder
Solubility Water soluble
Benefits Testosterone Enhancer, sexual health, anti-aging, brain health,Constipation
Dosage 200mg to 400mg for standardized cistanche, 500mg to 2000mg for ratio extract
Package 25kg/Drum,10kg/Drum,1kg/Bag

What is Cistanche tubulosa?

Cistanche tubulosa has been used popularly as a versatile Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for the treatment of sexual heath such as impotence, infertility, premature ejaculation and the most severe constipation since ancient China. Due to its value, popularity and growing environment, cistanche tubulosa is popularly known as “desert ginseng”. Although cistanche tubulosa plant is native to China, it enjoys its reputation worldwide. Cistanche tubulosa is now widely used in bodybuilding supplements, drugs and medicines.

Cistanche Tubulosa

Cistanche Tubulosa

Cistanche tubulosa is a holoparasitic plant in the genus of Cistanche, belonging to to orobanchaceae family. “Holoparasitic plant” means that Cistanche tubulosa does not have chlorophyll in its fleshy stems and has to acquire nutrition, minerals and water from the host plants where it parasitizes.

The popular specifications of Cistanche tubulosa extract is ratio extract 10:1, buyers prefer to search cistanche 10:1. And that’s the common specification that most Chinese suppliers can supply. However, we can do far more than that. We can manufacture Cistanche tubulosa standardized to highest concentration of echinacoside 25% min and acteoside 9% min, both of which are believed to be the active ingredients in the extract to function in various ways.

Species sources of Cistanche extract

Herba Cistanches is the general name for cistanche plants. There are more than 20 species all over the world, and 5 cistanche species within China, distributed in Ulan Buh Desert, Tengger Desert, Badain Jaran Desert, Hexi Corridor, Taklimakan desert and Gurbantonggut desert. According to 2005 of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Cistanche deserticola Ma is the official specie, which has better quality and larger quantities available. In addition, Cistanche salsa, Cistanche tubulose (Schenk) R. wight, Cistanche Lanzhou, Cistanche sinensis and Cistanche deserticola are available in China.

Cistanche salsa continues to be broadly used scientifically as a recommended drug for nourishing kidney function and nutritional fortification for Chinese. However, collecting the precious crude drug Cistanche salsa (licensed as a class II national protected plant) is becoming difficult lately. Therefore, there’s an increasing awareness about Cistanche Tubulosa which goes towards the same family and it has been reported to possess similar effects and benefits as Cistanche salsa. Our bulk cistanche extract powders are extracted from cistanche tubulosa source.
Constituents of Cistanche tubulosa plant
There are many components found in the cistanche plants. Several ingredients have been isolated from cistanche tubulosa extract, including cistanosides, beta-sitosterol, tubuloside, daucosterol, succinic acid, triacontanol, acteoside, betaine phenylethanoid glycosides, and polysaccharose. The main functional ingredients of Cistanche Tubulosa extract are phenylethanoid glycosides, especially echinacoside and acteoside. According to Wikipedia, isoacteoside is also identified as a major component of the phenylethanoid glycosides. Although echinacoside is known as the main component of the Echinacea extract, Cistanche tubulosa contains a higher amount of echinacoside than any other plant. Acteoside (a type of polyphenols) has an extremely strong antioxidative property which is reported to be 15 times stronger than resveratrol (polyphenols contained in Polygonum cuspidatum, grapes) and 5 times stronger than vitamin C). In recent study, new compounds (kankanoside and others) have been isolated.

Vasorelaxing activity has been reported as a pharmacological action of the new compounds, echinacoside, and acteoside). Active constituents in extracts of Cistanche salsa and Cistanche Tubulosa that belong to the same family were compared and it was clarified that Cistanche Tubulosa has more active constituents. Cistanche Tubulosa extract with high quantity of active constituents performs various bioactive functions, and it has now be the primary cistanche source from China. Only China can supply cistanche extract in large quantities, and cistanche tubulosa is the best bulk source.

Benefits of Cistanche tubulosa extract supplements

Cistanche tubulosa benefits can be summarized as in four main aspects: improve sexual health by boosting testosterones, brain health, constipation, and longevity. In addition, cistanche tubulosa extract has also been applied to the cosmetic industry as well, many beauty products, skin care cosmetics begin to use natural cistanche tubulosa, mainly ratio extract.

Cistanche tubulosa as testosterone Booster

Chinese Experts reported that Cistanche Tubulosa has androgen-like effects. Cistanche Tubulosa extract increases the weight of seminal vesicle and prostate gland of a castrated mouse, and decreases the weight of adrenal gland. The same effects can be noticed in normal mice or rats. Further study confirmed that the active ingredient for this androgen effect is the phenethyl glycoside: acteoside. Due to its androgen improvement as a testosterone booster, Cistanche Tubulosa extract has been widely used in many bodybuilding supplement formulas.

Cistanche Tubulosa for Sexual Health

Cistanche Tubulosa extract is a very potent Yang tonic and has been used for centuries by men to enhance male sexual function and power since ancient China, and many women consume it as well. In modern days, cistanche tubulosa extract is still being used to increase the sexual power and is responsible for good sexual health. It also has the ability to increase a woman’s fertility. The major component of Cistanche tubulosa extract echinacoside and acteoside is responsible for improving the sexual ability of both genders. It increases the male hormone production by the action of enzymes, which are released due to the intake of Cistanche tubulosa. Primary traditional functions of Cistanche Tubulosa include: nourishing Kidney Yang, Jing (Essence) and blood, impotence, decreased sexual desire, etc.
Cistanche Tubulosa may also be known as the “Ginseng of the desert.” This title describes being able to behave as a tonic for our body system. Particularly, cistanche boosts bloodstream and fortifies Kidney Yang. Once the Kidney Yin and Yang are strong, an individual can flourish, being energetic, full of spirit, creative, and powerful minded. They’ll appear radiantly healthy to other people and will also be appealing to the opposite gender.

cistanche tubulosa for Constipation

This may not be the common benefit to the westerns, but its usage for constipation in elderly people is quite popular. It takes one or two days for cistanche tubulosa to take effect on general constipation.

Modern research shows that the constipation use of cistanche tubulosa is mainly through two ways: One is by increasing intestinal osmotic pressure to cut off the water absorption, making defecate soft; the other is by promoting intestinal peristalsis to shorten the time of defecation. This makes Cistanche tubulosa quite different from herbs for constipation, such as rhubarb (emodin), senna leaves. Cistanche tubulosa works not by diarrhea, but a laxative, making defecate wet, soft, and easy to discharge. Therefore, cistanche tubulosa extract is safe and does not to hurt the body, especially for constipation of the elderly, women and the infirm. Of course, general individuals suffering constipation can also use cistanche extract for this purpose.

Cistanche Tubulosa Brain health

Cistanche supplements seem to have brain enhancing potential, and there already have been many studies and research data to support this. Cistanche Tubulosa extract helps healthy individuals to focus, recall better and improve memory. Cistanche tubulosa enhances thinking processes (learning and memory) and prevents brain aging. Cistanche tubulosa powder enhances brain functionsby rebuilding nerves broken by aptosis, by growing the oxygen supply towards the brain. It may also help your body assimilate and apply oxygen and preserve the amount of dopamine, our brain’s ‘pleasure hormone’.

Cistanche Tubulosa for longevity

Hotan Cistanche tubulosa China

Hotan Cistanche tubulosa China

Based on a study, the Hotan region, an oasis in the Takla Makan Desert, has among the four longest existence expectations on the planet. The proportion of senior people who live to be more than 100 years old in this location is the highest in China, three times of those of Okinawa Prefecture in Japan which is known for its people’s long lifespan. Per 100,000 people, Okinawa has 51 people aged over 100 and Hotan has 183. Hotan People eat Cistanche Tubulosa every day and prepare it by slicing after which boiling with mutton inside a pot or pickling it in tea or liquor to be able to survive the tough environment conditions from the region. This habit is thought to be the key of people’s longevity in the location. However, the exact mechanism of action of Cistanche Tubulosa on longevity is still under study.

In addition, modern studies have shown that cistanche may have the benefits of enhancing kidney function, improving memory, anti-senile dementia, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, immune support, and multi-faceted function.

Cistanche tubulosa Side Effects

Cistanche tubulosa herbs have been used in China for more than 2000 years, and it is safe as a food, diet, tea. As supplements, no serious adverse effects of cistanche tubulosa have been reported. The American Herbal Products Association (APHA) provides cistanche a category one rating, and for that reason cistanche tubulosa might be consumed safely when used correctly.

Cistanche tubulosa extract dosage

At present, there are not so many supplements containing cistanche tubulosa extract, and no recommended dosage for cistanche supplements. Most of the cistanche powders are ratio extract, and the dosage ranges from 500mg to 2000mgs per day according to the extracted concentration. For standardized cistanche tubulosa, there is only several Standardized Cistanche supplement products from Life Extension available, and the dose for Cistanche tubulosa extract (stem and leaf) [std. to 22% echinacosides is 210 mg each day. If for bodybuilding or sexual health purpose, the volume can be increased accordingly. The dosage of Cistanche tubulosa Extract (succulent stem) (minimum 60% total phenylethanoid glycosides, minimum 20% echinacoside, minimum 6% acteoside) from Swanson Superior Herbs is 400 mg. In this sense, doses ranges from 200mg to 400mg is proved to be safe, and higher dosage should be consulted your doctor first.

Where to buy bulk Cistanche tubulosa extract powder

Cistanche extract powder is one of Herb Nutritionals’ latest bulk products. Quotations or pricing is obtainable upon your request by formal email or direct phone call. Documents like Certificate of Analysis (COA), MSDS for cistanche tubulosa extract are available. More specifications for cistanche powder in large quanties can be customized according to your requirement.