Valerian Root Extract 0.8% valerenic acid

Valerian Root Extract  0.8% valerenic acid

Product name Valerian Root Extract
Latin name Valeriana officinalis
Other names Valerian extract, garden valerian, valerian powder, Valerenic acids
Part used root and rhizomes (underground stems)
Active ingredients Valerenic Acid
CAS number 3569-10-6
Specifications 0.2% valerenic acid,0.8% valerenic acid
Appearance/color Brown yellow
Benefits Relieve anxiety, aid insomnia and sleep disorders
dosage 400mg to 900mg
Applied industries Dietary supplements, medicines,drugs

What is valerian root extract?
Valerian root, according to Wikipedia, is a traditional herb well-known for its sedative and natural sleep aids functions. valeriana officinalis’ sleep aid and anti-anxiety benefits are so good that Valerian extract ranked 8th in the best selling herbs in the United States over the past decades. Valerian root is one of the most popular ingredients as herbal remedies to promote sleep and insomnia, usually combined with hops extract (humulus lupulus), passion flower(Passiflora incarnata), lemon balm(Melissa Officinalis), lavender, kava, and chamomile. Valerian is registered both in United States Pharmacopeid(USP) and German Pharmacopoeia,as an approved safe sedative and sleep-promoting herb.

Chemical constituents of valerian root extract
As per the Commission E monographs of valerian extract, there are more than 150 chemical constituents in the valerian root, rhizomes.The primary active components are divided into four categories:
1.essential oils and their sesquiterpenes(e.g., valerenic acid)
2.iridois(iridoid esters:valepotriates, valtrate, isovaltrate, acevaltrate,dihyraovaltrate, and isovaleroxyhydroxydihydrovaltrate and their degradation products
3.amino acids(arginine, GABA,glutamine,tyrosine)
4. Alkaloids(actinidine, chatinine, shyanthine,valerianine and valerine.)

The current industry standard is to test the total valerenic aicds( the sum of Derivatives of valerenic acid, i.e. acetoxy valerenic acid, hydroxy valerenic acid and valerenic acid.) and 0.8% valerenic aicds is the most popular specification on the market in various herbal formulas.

Mechanism of action of valerian root extract
Valerian’s effects on the central nervous system (CNS) have been attributed variously to valepotriates, their breakdown products(baldrinals), valerenic acid, valerenal and valeranone, and other constituents in the essential oil. Multiple compounds may work together synergistically to produce a sedative effect. Animal studies show that valerenic acid may inhibit enzymes that break down GABA, thus increasing GABA levels and producing a CNS-depressing effect. An in vitro study to elucidate the sedative activity of valerian demonstrate that valerian extract LI 156 acted upon the melatonin receptor in a dose-dependent manner. The exact mechanism of action of valerian is still not clear. Valerian contains small amounts of GABA, but this chemical does not cross the blood-brain barrier. Therefore, taking GABA in a supplement form is not effective as valerian root. It is the synergistic effects of the ingredients within the root of valerian extract

Benefits of taking valerian root supplements

Valerian root extract has been used in many herbal supplements in the form of tablets, powders, capsules, liquid, etc. The benefits of valerian root are very clear and summarized as below: alleviate anxiety, aid insomnia and sleep disorders, and ease Restlessness based on nervous disorders.
Valerian root and insomnia benefits










According to Wikipedia, insomnia is defined as a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep as long as desired. Valerian is a popular alternative to prescription medications for sleep problems because it is considered to be both safe and gentle. Some studies show that it helps people fall asleep faster and feel that they have better quality sleep.
Valerian root and anxiety benefits











Supplements containing valerian root are also recommended as a herbal treatment for people suffering from anxiety. As explained in the above words, there are multiple compounds in the valerian root that bind to specific receptor in brain. Anxiety symptoms range from heart palpitations, excessive sweating/trembling, stress induced nausea, de-personalization, breathing difficulties, cyclical thoughts. Many of our clients feedback that valerian root extract supplement is very effective for anxiety and stress treatment.

Side effects of taking valerian root extract
Unlike benzodiazepines, valerian root extract appears to cause no residual morning sleepiness; however, it may slightly impair judgment and driving ability for two hours after intake.

Dosage of taking valerian root extract
There is no standard dose of valerian. For insomnia, many studies have used between 400 milligrams and 900 milligrams of valerian up to two hours before bed. Ask your doctor for advice.