Bulk PRL-8-53

PRL-8-53 is a nootropic for memory retention and memory acquisition


Product Name PRL-8-53
Synonyms Methyl 3-(2-(benzylmethylamino)ethyl)benzoate hydrochloride, 3-(2-benzylmethylaminoethyl) benzoic acid methyl ester hydrochloride, 3-(2-(Methyl(phenylmethyl)amino)ethyl)benzoic acid methyl ester hydrochloride, PRL 8-53
CAS Number 51352-87-5
Molecular Formula C18H21NO2
Molecular Weight 283.36
Specifications(assay/purity) 99%
Appearance/color White crystal powder
Benefits Nootropic, memory improvement
Applications Supplements,medicines,drugs
Dosage 5mg or according to bodyweight
Package 500g/bag, 1kg/bag, 5kg/bag

What is PRL-8-53?

bulk PRL-8-53

bulk PRL-8-53

PRL-8-53 is a relatively new ingredient in the nootropic family. The full chemical name of PRL-8-53 is Methyl 3-[2-[benzyl(methyl)amino]ethyl]benzoate. Since this name is too long to memorize, Dr. Nikolaus Hansl, the inventor, named it after his company – Pacific Research Lab which stands for PRL. Although PRL-8-53 was first synthesized from benzoic acid and phenylmethylamine (Benzylamine) as early as 1970s, it becomes popular in recent years as a short-term memory enhancer due to its cholinergic properties.

Mechanism of actions of PRL-8-53

How does PRL-8-5-3 work? The exact mode of action of PRL-8-53 remains not yet known. According to the Wikipedia introduction, PRL-8-53 does not display stimulant properties, and does not potentiate dextroamphetamine. It displays cholinergic properties, and potentiates dopamine while partially inhibiting serotonin. PRL-8-53 reverses the catatonic and ptotic effects of reserpine.

Dr. Hansl stated in his PRL-8-53 patent that PRL-8-53 functions through enhancing the response of the brain towards acetylcholine. If you want to know more about the detailed choline mechanism, you may read more information on our product page like alpha gpc, citicoline (CDP choline), etc. In his study, he suggested that it has cholinergic mechanisms. To some extent, it has been said to act as a dopamine agonist. It is also said to potentiate the release of dopamine whilst partially inhibit the release of serotonin – all of which helps in improving learning motivation among users.

PRL-8-53 Benefits

PRL-8-53 has proven great enhancements in memory retention and memory acquisition. Dr. Nikolaus Hansl talked about the supplement has assisted customers with arithmetic exercises and memory of geometric patterns. Also, he had mentioned that customers have proven a substantial improvement in verbal fluency, motor control, reaction timing, and cognitive memory particularly in people within their 30s. Seniors are vulnerable to a loss of cognition and memory, therefore making PRL-8-53 well suited for them. The potential advantages of PRL-8-53 have been in the image:

PRL-8-53 benefits

PRL-8-53 benefits

PRL-8-53 and Memory improvement

PRL-8-53 memory

PRL-8-53 memory

Inside a lone study carried out on humans, volunteers received a serving (5 mg) of PRL-8-53 roughly 120 to 150 minutes just before cognitive testing and participants were then requested to hear a recording of 12 words in a specific sequence and recite them at future time points. Participants have to remember certain mono-syllabic words to check for memory improvement. Outcomes of this research have proven that you will find relatively large enhancements in a nutshell-term memory having a single dose of the PRL-8-53. This test implies that PRL-8-53 has potent effects in improving recall and memory.

PRL-8-53 and math tests

PRL-8-53 math improvement

PRL-8-53 math improvement

In a Journal released in 1978, Dr. Nikolaus Hansl pointed out that PRL-8-53 statistically enhanced score in a geometric pattern cognitive exercise. Participants were demonstrated a number of geometric designs and request to draw them from memory. They’ve much stronger capability to recall geometric designs on their own mind and draw it later on when supplemented with PRL-8-53. A record improvement was renowned.

PRL-8-53 and verbal fluency

Dr. Hansl also claims that PRL-8-53 may improve verbal fluency. Outcomes of his study have proven that verbal fluency among participants was considerably enhanced after consumption. Regardless of this lone study, many customers and internet-based testers have confirmed that PRL-8-53 is able to improve verbal fluency, which is evidenced through the elevated sociability and skill to spark conversations among others.

PRL-8-53 side effects

PRL-8-53 is safe with no negative effects noticed in human study. PRL-8-53 is non-toxic, by having an oral LD50 in rodents of 860 mg/kg, giving the drug a higher beneficial index.

Doses above 8 mg/kg have brief hypotensive effects within the canine. High doses depress motor activity in the rat and mouse, using the ED50 for any 50% decrease in motor activity of rodents at 160 mg/kg.

Using PRL-8-53 as a nutritional supplement, however, can’t be suggested at the moment since it is a synthetic ingredient and every one of evidence for its effects originates from studies funded through the holder of the patent.

PRL-8-53 Dosage

There is no recommended dose for PRL-8-53 powder. The effective dosage could vary, since the only human study PRL-8-53 used just one dose of 5mg on the word-recall test, while patent info on PRL-8-53 indicates a dosage range of 0.01-4mg/kg of body weight, by having an ‘ideal’ range of 0.05-1.2mg/kg(about 3mg to 100mg) per dose, taken 3 times each day. More evidence is required to determine the perfect dosage for PRL-8-53.

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