Lithium orotate

Lithium orotate is a micronutrient in dietary supplement formula against depression,anxiety and protect brain health.

Lithium orotate 99%

Product name Lithium orotate
Synonyms Orotic acid lithium salt, 5266-20-6, lithium oritate, lithium ortate, litium orotate, lithium salt of orotic acid, LiOr, Symmetry
CAS number 5266-20-6
Molecular formula C5H3LiN2O4
Molecular Weight 162.03 g/mol
Specifications 99% lithium orotate powder
Appearance/color White crystalline powder
Benefits Ease anxiety, depression, enhance mood, brain health
dosage 150 mg
Package 25kg/drum

What is lithium orotate?

lithium orotate is a lithium supplement in the combination of orotic acid and lithium, beneficial to the ease of bipolar disorders, mania, depression, anxiety, and brain health, etc. Lithium is a naturally occurring trace element that could not exist alone, and it has to be in the salt form with other ingredients. Lithium orotate has been in the dietary supplement industry for more than 30 years, but until these years has it made itself popular.

Lithium orotate supplements are available in lithium orotate capsules, tablets, etc. However, our bulk raw lithium orotate is in white crystalline powder form with CAS number 5266-20-6, is not a medicine or drug, it’s a mineral, to be exact, a microelement similar to salt.

Lithium orotate structure

Lithium orotate structure

Other lithium salts like lithium carbonate, lithium citrate, Lithium aspartate are also available on the market of Canada, Australia, the United States (USA), UK, ireland, and other European countries. We will make a comparison of lithium orotate with other lithium salts in details below.

Natural Sources of Lithium

Lithium is a vital trace element naturally sourced in various kinds of foods including grains and veggies. This natural orotate form is chelated and remarkably bioavailable. Grains and veggies may comprise 66 to 90 % of the person’s lithium intake. By eating .85 kilos of fruits and vegetables, the lithium level is 0.5 to 3.4 mg/kilos.

Some lithium can also be acquired from animal food sources. By eating 0.21 kilos of meat each day, you will get lithium content of 0.012 mg/kilos.

Therefore, the best way to get lithium is to take supplements containing lithium salts. Of course, lithium orotate is the best choice with no side effects.

Lithium orotate vs. Lithium carbonate

Lithium is a vital micronutrient with a few chemical features much like magnesium and calcium. It exists in most organs and tissue in your body. As pointed out before, lithium couldn’t exist alone on the planet and it also needs to combine in other salts. Lithium orotate supplements are frequently promoted as “safer, “natural,” or even more effective at reaching the brain than other lithium salts.

The common ground of these salts is that they contain lithium, no matter whether they are defined as supplements or prescribed drugs. The lithium ion is the active ingredient.

Then the differences are obvious: one is the lithium weight (dosage difference), one is the bioavailability, and the left is the safety concern.

Lithium salt Bioavailability

Bioavailability of lithium may be the primary difference. The lithium ion is attached to salts, like carbonate from carbonic acid, citrate from citric acid, or orotate from orotic acid. So, the concept when taking any kind of lithium, gets the basic lithium, which is effective, to be absorbed through the body.
Lithium orotate enhances the particular effects of lithium many-fold by growing lithium bio-utilization. The orotates transport the lithium towards the membranes of mitochondria, lysosomes and also the glia cells. Lithium orotate balances the lysosomal membranes and prevents the enzyme responses that handle the sodium depletion and dehydration effects of other lithium salts.

Lithium salt Safety comparison

Lithium orotate is touted as supplements, while other lithium salts are often known as prescribed drugs, and can only be obtained from drug stores under the doctors’ advice. In general, supplements are regarded dietary supplements like foods, and no side effects with normal doses. However, drugs are quite different.

Lithium carbonate may become toxic for its poor bioavailability. Trying to obtain the level of lithium required for the preferred health effects without harming your body along the way is really a major concern, and it is why individuals taking this form of lithium should have their kidney function examined frequently. Unwanted effects of Lithium carbonate are typical and often serious.

Lithium salt dosage comparison

Lithium carbonate can be used to deal with mental and mood disorders for example bipolar and depression in pharmaceutical dosages of 900 mg to 1200 mg each day, which consists of 169 mg to 225 mg of lithium atoms.

Lithium orotate supplements are frequently offered in doses of five to ten mg of lithium ion in pills that may include 120 mg of lithium orotate itself (quite simply, a pill may contain 5 mg of lithium and 115 mg of orotate).

These common lithium-based drugs demand high dosages to have the ability to penetrate cells, whereas lithium orotate is simply essential for small doses, considering roughly 97 percent will penetrate specific cells. The positive thing is, lithium orotate is non-toxic and yields no undesirable effects.

Because of the better bioavailability of lithium orotate, the therapeutic dosage is much less than prescription forms of lithium. For example, in the event of severe depression, the therapeutic dosage of lithium orotate is 150 mg/day. This can be compared to 900mg to1800 mg in the prescription forms. In this particular dosage array of lithium orotate, you’ll find no adverse lithium side reactions with no requirement of monitoring blood serum measurements.

Lithium orotate vs Lithium Aspartate

Both Lithium orotate and lithium aspartate are supplements. Most advocates of low-dose lithium therapy recommend them equally. Lithium orotate and lithium aspartate can be found without prescription. They’re comparable in pricing and dosage.

Lithium aspartate is an amino acid (aspartic acid) bound to lithium. It’s also a nutritional supplement stated to slow brain aging & enhance moods. However, aspartate is regarded as an excitotoxic amino acid. Lithium aspartate is recognized as toxic since it can overstimulate your nerve cell receptors.

It’s also called an “exitotoxin”. Excitotoxins are substances that bind to some nerve cell receptor and cause harm via over-stimulation. Excess aspartate may lead to excitotoxic responses in sensitive people.

As opposed to the above mentioned, orotic acid itself might have cardio protective benefits. Orotic acid has additionally been employed for conditions for example multiple sclerosis, hepatitis and premature aging. Muscle builders sometimes use orotic acid since it is thought to boost producing ATP, an essential component of cellular metabolic process.
In this sense, we may say that lithium orotate is the best lithium supplement in the world.

Mechanism of action of lithium orotate

How does lithium orotate work? Though its exact mechanism of action in the brain is still unknown, lithium orotate has been proven in the research to improve natural chemical activity, including those of dopamine and serotonin, and also to lessen the activity from the excitatory brain chemical glutamate.

Lithium orotate releases the lithium ion into the plasma and brain much like pharmaceutical lithium carbonate and citrate. This really is much the same way prescription lithium works, although with no toxicity. Lithium orotate effectively addresses bipolar unpredictability by growing the uptake of two thrilling chemicals (dopamine and norepinephrine) into synaptosomes. Synaptosomes are squeezed off nerve being that can’t release the body’s hormones. This can help individuals to remain calm once they would certainly not be. Lithium interrupts the signaling of among the D2 dopamine receptors within the brain. Elevated dopamine causes individuals to act impulsively and occasionally. Lithium orotate, citrate, carbonate also suppresses the glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3) enzyme that is essential in the cell’s reaction to many signaling molecules. By destabilizing the D2 / GSK3 signaling path complex mania is reduced.

Additionally, it plays a part in the gene expression of natural detoxing enzymes within the brain, including glutathiones-transferase, offering important brain antioxidant protection, adding to higher cognitive health insurance and memory. Other studies have proven it to improve DHA within the brain, as well as to advertise cognitive durability.

Lithium orotate Benefits

Lithium orotate is a natural dietary supplement ingredient that can be used in small doses to manage stress, promote mental focus, improve memory, and treat conditions like depression, ADHD, PTSD and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Lithium orotate and Depression

Lithium orotate has been discovered to become probably the most effective remedies for manic-depressive illness such as bi-polar disorder. Lithium Orotate functions as a carrier, escorting the lithium across the blood-brain barrier where it’s needed. Which means that a significantly more compact dose of lithium is required compared to Lithium Carbonate, and therefore it doesn’t have a similar harmful impact on the renal system that Lithium Carbonate has. Lithium also functions as a carrier for B-12, escorting it where it needs to go in your body.

Lithium orotate for anxiety

It’s well-known that both bi-polar disorders and anxieties frequently occur together. Research has discovered that around 1 / 2 of individuals with bipolar issues also have problems with anxiety.

Lithium orotate isn’t just for mood issues; it is effective for stress and anxiety. Lithium orotate is really an effective anxiolytic. If somebody is extremely anxious, there are two routes that may be taken. You can try to suppress the anxiety through sedation, or try to increase neurotransmitters that improve one’s mood, cognitive function, and perception. Lithium orotate has been proven within the research to improve natural neurotransmitter activity, including those of dopamine and serotonin, and also to lessen the activity from the excitatory brain chemical glutamate.

This encourages people struggling with anxiety to find alternative types of medication, as conventional lithium treatment has several side-effects that may reduce the quality of life for individuals utilizing it.

Individuals with bi-polar disorder frequently experience anxiety as a characteristic of their condition. Anxiety comes with the deep downturns and also the manic levels.

Lithium orotate and Brain Protection

Advanced research on lithium orotate indicates that individuals with mania or depression may lose cognitive abilities. Lithium may thwart that cell dying. Research discloses that lithium orotate safeguards brain cells from being stimulated to death by glutamate, one of the numerous chemicals that transmit messages within the brain. Their new data claim that lithium may calm overexcited regions of the brain or, more provocatively, preserve the life of brain (glial) cells whose presence guards against manic depression. It had been also reported it takes one or two weeks for that neuro-protective results of lithium to completely occur.

Lithium Orotate supplementation increases amounts of N-acetylaspartate (a marker of brain cell stability and performance). But in addition to that: Scientists have recorded increases in gray matter in humans taking lithium supplements just for four days – with the biggest increases occurring within the hippocampus, an area from the brain crucial for moving short-term reminiscences into lengthy-term storage, and the first and most seriously-hit part of the brain in sufferers of Alzheimer’s. Importantly, these selective effects were particularly noticed in places that atrophy had formerly happened.

Lithium orotate is purported to treat and prevent the following conditions:

The other benefits of lithium orotate include:
lithium orotate for adhd(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
lithium orotate weight gain
lithium orotate for autism
lithium orotate for alcoholism
lithium orotate for headache
lithium orotate for anti-aging/longevity

Lithium orotate side effects

Is lithium orotate safe? Many clients new to lithium orotate may have such questions in mind. When taking any supplement, it’s important to understand both good and bad effects. Lithium orotate is commonly well tolerated in many people; however, some unwanted effects may appear when taking high doses. The most typical adverse effects are fatigue. This might be because of a decrease in the amount of cells indicating orexin.

Lithium can also be an inhibitor of magnesium. For anybody that is affected with a thyroid disorder, lithium orotate can help to eliminate natural thyroid hormonal levels. Lithium can also increase inflammation in your digestive tract. Should you suffer an ailment for example Chron’s or colitis, lithium orotate isn’t suggested. Always consult your physician regarding any new supplement whenever you take medication for an additional condition.

Lithium orotate dosage

In line with the superior bioavailability of lithium orotate, customers need a smaller dose compared to pharmaceutical lithium drugs. In the event of severe depression, for example, 150 mg of lithium orotate is taken daily compared to 900 to 1800 mg of their prescription alternatives.

Where to buy bulk lithium orotate powder

lithium orotate is relative new to the market, and there are not so many manufacturers or suppliers at present. In domestic China, lithium orotate is made directly from oratic acid and lithium salts. Since the demand of the supplement market for it is low, sometimes stock may be not readily all the months. If you need to know more about lithium orotate regarding pricing, COA (certificate of analysis), MSDS, and other documents, please kindly send email via our contact us page.