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What is the dosage for apigenin 98%?

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Recently, many users, here I mean none bulk herbal extract powder buyers, but end users (consumers) send us email regarding apigenin supplement dosage. Maybe there is no so much information about apigenin and its dosage on the internet, and they turn to us for help. As a manufacturer and marketer of apigenin ingredient in powder form, Herb Nutritionals has the responsibility to educate the public about everything about apigenin.

At present, there are only several supplement brands use apigenin in their supplement formulas, and the dosage available on the market ranges from as low as 20 mg/day to as high as 125 mg/day. These dosing differences may be due to the apigenin potency and various purposes. In some formulas together with vitamins, amino acids, herbal extract and other nutraceuticals, apigenin is not the main ingredient, and the respective dosage is usually lower than the supplements with only apigenin in it or agigenin as its main ingredient.

Apigenine is generally regarded to be extracted from plants such as chamomile flower (Matricaria chamomilla), grapefruit, celery, Apium graveolens var.dulce,etc. For apigenin concentrated from chamomile flower extract, only low specification such as apigenin 1%, apigenin 2%, apigenin 2.5%, etc. For higher concentration like apigenin 98%, apigenin 99%, Apium graveolens var.dulce,a species of celery, is the best economical source. In addition, there is bulk synthetic apigenin already from China, and the cost is a litter lower than the same content of that of natural extraction. Yes, specification variations are one reason for the apigenin dosage. If the same specification, for example, apigenin 98%, and as the single supplement, what dosage will it be?

Apigenin 98% dosage

apigenin dosage

apigenin dosage

There is no minimum oral intake of apigenin supplement for the time being. Even if for the same 98% specification, the dosage may differ for different purposes. As we already know, apigenin is a potent flavonoid, has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-spasmodic, antibacterial, and many other benefits. In bodybuilding areas, apigenin is also use as an aromatase inhibitor. If you want to know more about apigenin ingredient itself, you may look at apigenin page.

There is a great deal of very promising information about the potential value of apigenin at doses of about 150 mg/day in animal models of prostate cancer, and there are no apparent toxicities. However, for human daily consumption, we are not very sure and no other data available. So be careful with the dosing, start from a low dose, and then more gradually.
For anxiolytic effects, doses in the range of 3-10 mg/kg bodyweight are effective without sedation, and higher doses induce sedation in addition to reductions in anxiety.

For general health and well-being, together with amino acids, vitamins, doses of apigenin from 20mg to 50mg are preferred.

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