Astragaloside IV

Astragaloside IV

Product nameAstragalus Root Extract Astragaloside IV
Botanical sourceAstragalus membranaceus
Latin NameAstragalus membranaceus (Fisch.) Bge.
Synonymsastragaloside 4, beta-D-Glucopyranoside, Astrasieversianin XIV; Astraversianin XIV; Cyclosieversioside F; Cyclosiversioside F, Astragalus extract, (3beta,6alpha,16beta,24R)-20,24-epoxy-16,25-dihydroxy-3-(beta-D-xylopyranosyloxy)-9,19-cyclolanostan-6-yl; (3beta,6alpha,9beta,16beta,20R,24S)-16,25-dihydroxy-3-(beta-D-xylopyranosyloxy)-20,24-epoxy-9,19-cyclolanostan-6-yl beta-D-threo-hexopyranoside
Active IngredientAstragaloside IV
CAS number84687-43-4
Molecular FormulaC41H68O14
Molecular Weight784.97
SpecificationsAstragaloside IV 0.3%;10%; 20%; 30%;90%; 95%; 98%; 99%;
Appearance/colorBrown powder (0.3% 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 50%), Light yellow powder (70%, 90%), white powder (98%)
SolubilitySoluble in DMSO (10 mg/mL), ethanol. Insoluble in water.
BenefitsAnti-aging, anti-inflammatory,anti-bacterial
ApplicationsMedicine; Dietary supplements,cosmetics
Dosage50-100mg per day

What is Astragaloside IV?

Astragaloside IV may be not so well-known as Cycloastragenol, and no branded ingredients or exclusive patents on it, but it is a very promising natural compound shown to inhibit inflammation, oxidation, and apoptosis, and exerts immunoregulatory effects.

Astragaloside IV structure

Astragaloside IV formula structure

Astragaloside IV is principally acquired in the root of astragalus extract, a natural extract that has been renowned for literally 1000’s of years because of its anti-aging qualities. Astragalosides, within the astragalus polysaccharides (APS), include astragaloside I, astragaloside II, and astragaloside IV, with astragaloside IV the very best bioactive. However, the content of astragaloside IV in natural astragalus plant is extremely low. 0.3% astragaloside IV might be the lowest specs of astragaloside IV on the supplement market. Some other specifications like astragaloside IV 10%, astragaloside IV 20%, astragaloside IV 30%, astragaloside IV 90%, astragaloside IV 95% and astragaloside IV 98% are available. Obviously, the greater content of astragaloside IV, the greater cost and price. If you are looking for the detailed prices ranges with various quotes, please kindly send us an email accordingly.

Astragalus root has been recommended for hundreds of years as a tonic since ancient China, as well as to treat an array of illnesses, to avoid weakness in patients and also to safeguard them against infection. Though Astragaloside IV is not on FDA’s GRAS exemption list, it will still be broadly recognized as safe food additive in lots of nations including USA and also the Europe.

Astragaloside iv vs cycloastragenol

Astragaloside IV VS Cycloastragenol

Astragaloside IV VS Cycloastragenol

Both astragaloside iv and cycloastragenol are from astragalus membranaceus plant. To be more specific, cycloastragenol can be hydrolyzed from Astragaloside IV. Cycloastragenol is similar in structure to the Astragaloside IV molecule but smaller and more bioavailable. Therefore, cycloastragenol is more potent than astragaloside iv and the price of 98% cycloastragenol is about 5 times of that of astragaloside iv 98%. Both astragaloside iv and cycloastragenol are telomerase activators and has similar functions and benefits. In addition, cycloastragenol seems to be 10-times more potent than astragaloside with the same specifications. One 50mg dose of astragaloside IV is believed to be as potent as the same 5mg dose of cycloastragenol. In all, cycloastragenol is an updated version of Astragaloside iv, more bioavailable, and more expensive.

Mechanism of action of astragaloside IV

So how exactly does astragaloside IV work? Experts explain its relation with telomerase, an enzyme being looked into for lengthening short telomeres, which is thought as an elixir of youth.

Telomeres are short repetitive nucleotide sequences that terminate and safeguard our chromosomes from degeneration. These nucleotide sequences get shorter every time cells replicate, and need the activation of telomerase to replenish this repetitive nucleotide sequence.
There’s been a powerful association between aging and reduced telomeres. When most of the telomeres are simply too short to permit the DNA to duplicate they, cannot and finish up leading to major harm to the tissue surrounding it. You may also refer to the mechanism of cycloastragenol since they work in the same way.

Benefits of taking astragaloside IV supplements

Astragaloside IV is a traditional Chinese herb medicine, and you may not find it from other countries. The key benefits include anti-aging, immune boosting, better and deeper sleep, hair growth, libido enhancer, and anti-inflammatory.

Astragaloside IV & Anti-aging

Astragaloside IV anti-aging

Astragaloside IV anti-aging

Signs of aging are related on the deterioration of cell and tissue function triggered through the shortening of telomeres. In addition, many age-related illnesses are triggered by free radical damage and reduced telomeres. By fighting oxidation and looking after a practical telomere length, Astragaloside IV shows potentially effective age-fighting qualities.

Astragaloside IV is really a saponin extracted in the root part of Astralagus membranaceus. Recent reports have proven that Astragaloside IV could have a strong anti-aging potential by protecting telomere integrity and positively wrecking toxins that cause cell damage. Telomeres are protective structures on the end of every chromosome. Reserach has discovered that the length of telomeres influences aging and likely lead to age-related illnesses for example Alzheimer’s, brittle bones and cancer. Cells multiply by replicating their DNA to create new cells. Once the DNA strands split to produce copies of themselves, the procedure damages the genetic material just a little each time and also the strands can eventually become drawn apart, resulting in a myriad of dysfunctional cells. Telomeres cap the ends of DNA strands to assist prevent them from being drawn apart but over time, telomeres shorten consequently of ordinary DNA replication and oxidative damage, stopping them from effectively playing their role of safeguarding DNA integrity.

Astragaloside IV & anti-inflammatory

Astragaloside IV anti-inflammatory

Astragaloside IV anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is a natural immune response made to destroy dangerous microbes and also to initiate the recovery process. You will find two kinds of inflammation. Acute inflammation happens when tissue are hurt, as with the situation of the sprain or perhaps a wound. Chronic inflammation is caused by the defense mechanisms delivering a lot of inflammation messengers on the lengthy time period. It’s the reason for health conditions for example bronchial asthma and joint disease.

Astragaloside IV & antibacterial

Astragaloside IV anti-bacterial

Astragaloside IV anti-bacterial

Astragaloside IV has immune-improving, antiviral and antibacterial qualities. One study examined the relation between Astragaloside IV along with a virus that triggers myocarditis (infection from the heart muscle) in youthful people. Researchers found that Astragaloside IV reduced the quantity of viral cells within the myocardic (heart) tissue and decreased mortality among mice given Astragaloside IV in comparison to mice that didn’t get any treatment.

Astragaloside IV includes a protective function around the liver, the heart, the central nervous system and also the brain, amongst others. These studies indicate specific results of Astragaloside IV in lessening complications triggered by harm to these tissue. It may also help prevent degeneration of organs by controlling different physiological systems.

With the amount of advantageous qualities, particularly immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-glycation, astragaloside is really a truly essential anti-aging supplement. Its exceptional qualities are because of astragaloside’s specific capability to activate telomerase, thus slowing down lower the shortening of telomeres, and stretching cell lifespan. Shortening of telomers is connected with cellular aging and also the development old-related illnesses.

The shortest telomers happen to be noticed in octogenarians. Research also indicates that people aged 60 or older having the shortest telomers seem to be at considerably greater chance of dying from infectious disease or cardiac arrest. On the other hand, research has proven that stimulating telomerase may considerably increase cell lifespan.

Astragaloside IV side effects

As a natural component from Chinese herbal extract, astragalus supplements happen to be broadly utilized in Asia for 1000 years as a tonic. The astragalus adverse effects aren’t known. Although astragalus side effects haven’t been reported, high doses might modify the defense mechanisms and cause hypoglycemia. Astragaloside IV supplements are suggested to individuals over thirty. Not for pregnant or nursing women, children, or individuals with severe liver or kidney disease.

Astragaloside IV dosage

Astragaloside IV, like resveratrol, is not water soluble, and it is often in the form of capsules. Those supplement manufacturers on the market suggest adults take one to two capsules per day, with each capsule containing 50mg astragaloside IV. That’s about 50mg to 100 mg of astragaloside IV each day. One 50mg dose is thought to be as potent as the same 5mg dose of cycloastragenol, the bioactive form of Astragaloside IV. Scientists recommend not to take Astragaloside IV supplement for more than one year due to unknown adverse effects.

Where to buy astragaloside iv

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