Cycloastragenol 98%

Product nameAstragalus Membranaceus Extract
Active ingredientCycloastragenol
Part usedroot
Plant sourcehydrolyzed from Astragaloside IV
Latin nameAstragalus Membranaceus (Fisch.) Bunge
CAS numberCAS #84605-18-5, CAS 78574-94-4,
synonymsCyclogalegigenin, Astramembrangenin, HTA98, TA-65, (3β,6α,16β,24R)-20,24-Epoxy-9,19-cyclolanostane-3,6,16,25-tetrol, Cyclogalagenin, (3beta,6alpha,16beta,20R,24S) 20,24-Epoxy-9,19-cyclolanostane-3,6,16,25-tetrol
Molecular formulaC30H50O5
Molecular weight490.72
Appearance/color50%,90%(yellow powder), 98%,99%(white powder)
SolubilityRespectively soluble in Alcohol, Methanol, Acetone. Insoluble in Water, Ether
package100g/bag, 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum, bulk quantity available
Mechanismtelomerase activator
Dosage10mg to 50mg per day
BenefitsAnti-aging, better sleep, immune support, boost energy
ApplicationsDietary supplements, food ingredient, cosmetics,medicines

What is cycloastragenol?

Cycloastragenol is a relatively novel anti-aging dietary supplement ingredient on the market. It is also used in luxury skincare and cosmetics formulas. Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP) from UK government has received the request to market cycloastragenol as a novel food ingredient, and cycloastragenol is under their novel food assessment. FDA GRAS should pass with no much difficulty. More and more supplement manufacturers are considering to apply cycloastragenol to the food industry.

Cycloastragenol was first marketed in dietary supplements in the USA in 2007 under the name of TA-65, this is why TA 65 or TA65 is still the most common name for cycloastragenol. CAS #84605-18-5 and CAS 78574-94-4 are the regular identity for professional raw material buyers and researchers.

Cycloastragenol is a triterpene aglycone of the 9,19-cyclolanostane-type derived and purified from the root of Astragalus membranaceus plant, which has been used in Traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia for more than two thousand years, particularly for its ability to slow down age-related degenerative processes. Triterpene glycosides belong to the class of secondary plant metabolites known as saponins and are composed of a polycyclic aglycone attached via C3 and an ether bond to a sugar side chain. The chemical structure of cycloastragenol is as below:

Cycloastragenol formula

Cycloastragenol formula

Cycloastragenol and Astragaloside IV
Both cycloastragenol and Astragaloside IV are available from astragalus extract. While cycloastragenol can be derived from astragaloside IV via hydrolysis action. They have similar structure, but cycloastragenol is smaller in molecular weight and more efficient in bioavailability.

Mechanism of action of cycloastragenol

Before we have a look at the mechanism how cycloastragenol works, let us first have some understanding about telomeres and telomerase. In ’09 Nobel Prize winners in Physiology or Medicine discover the human aging secret – telomeres and telomerase mechanism to safeguard chromosomes. All of the mystery hidden is within the telomeres and telomerase.

As we grow older, areas of our chromosomes(telomeres) become shorter as time passes. Researchers have found that Cycloastragenol is extremely good at reversing the process by growing the length of telomeres, which inevitably slows aging. This is accomplished by triggering the act of an enzyme referred to as telomerase that repairs the broken/reduced telomeres. So far cycloastragenol may be the only telomerase activator by growing telomerase quantity.

Cycloastragenol stretches T cell proliferation by growing telomerase activity which will help many cells boost their telomeres longer, adding more many years of possible cellular reproduction that some believe will enable longer human lifespan.

Benefits of cycloastragenol

Astragalus membranaceus is among the most fundamental herbs in the Traditional Chinese Medicine history as natural remedies to treat fatigue, sickness, ulcers, cancers, hay fever, post stroke, longevity,etc. However, the key benefits of cycloastragenol are as an anti-aging and immune support effects.

Cycloastragenol and immune support

Cycloastragenol can be used to safeguard the immune system, antibacterial, and antiinflammatory, for avoiding common colds and upper respiratory system infections. It’s been utilized as an immune enhancer because of being able to boost the proliferation of T lymphocyte. However, what the scientific community is increasingly more interested is its excellent aging resistance. Cycloastragenol encourages DNA to repair damages by initiating telomerase and allow the nuclear protease catalyzed the synthesis and growth of telomere DNA.

Cycloastragenol and anti-aging

Anti-aging is cycloastragenol’s most apparent benefit. Cycloastragenol not just delays human aging, but additionally has enhanced immunity, scavenging toxins, safeguarding cardiac cells, mainly derived from the astragaloside (Astragaloside Ⅳ) hydrolysis. If you’re still unaware of how cycloastragenol works on aging process, you may go back to the above and look at the mechanism again.

Cycloastragenol side effects

Up to now, there is not any report or reviews of an adverse effect or contraindication taking cycloastragenol. No toxically relevant negative effects were noticed in a 90-day sub-chronic toxicity study with cycloastragenol. The only real statistically significant effects noted were for a number of endpoints which were incidental or sporadic in character, didn’t have a dosage-reponse relationship and weren’t scientifically relevant.

Cycloastragenol dosage

Cycloastragenol is comparatively new and not so many supplements brands on the market, and there is no recommended dose available. According to our experience, the dosage varies with different purposes, ages. Of course cycloastragenol is much more potent than Astragaloside IV whose recommended dose is 50mg per day. While for cycloastragenol, dosing from 10mg to 50mg is all OK. The old need to take more than the middle-aged adults. Some suggest beginning with 5mg per day, and then add gradually. Since cycloastragenol is a natural extract, it may take time to see the effects, about six months.

Where to buy bulk cycloastragenol ingredient?

Herb Nutritionals Co., Ltd may be the first Chinese supplier to market bulk cycloastragenol powders to the world. Cycloastragenol specifications 50%, 90%, 98% and 99% are the popular specs, low specifications mainly within China, and high concentration like 99% for export. Pyrroloquinoline quinone is also also popular among our clients who bought cycloastragenol from us. Cycloastragenol pricing and documents like COA (certificate of analysis) are glad to be sent upon your request via email or direct phone call from our contact page.