L-Norvaline enhance N.O. level and good for bodybuilding performance.

L-Norvaline powder 99%

Product name L-Norvaline
Other names Norvaline; L(+)-Norvaline; L(+)-2-Aminovaleric acid,2-Aminopentanoic acid, 2-Aminopentyric acid; α-Aminopentanoic acid; Propylglycine
CAS Number 6600-40-4
Molecular Formula C5H11NO2
Moleuclar Weight 117.15
Solubility soluble in water
Specifications 98%,99%
Appearance/color white powder
Benefits Increase Nitric OXides, enhance bodybuilding performance
Dosage 200mg to 400mg

What is L-Norvaline?

L-Norvaline, formed in the course of the biosynthesis of L-leucine, may be not a quite well-known non-essential amino acid to most bodybuilders, and its cost is much higher than regular nitric oxides such as AAKG, L- arginine, citrulline, agmatine sulfate,etc. However, L-norvaline gains its popularity in recent years among bodybuilding fans in their workout supplements as the analog of L-valine, an active ingredient of branched chain amin acids (BCAA). Of course, L-norvaline is far more powerful than that.

L-Norvaline is generally identified naturally in foods such as dairy, meats, grains, legumes like soy, and nuts like peanuts. Since L-norvaline is non-essential amino acid, it has to be obtained via the diet as the body cannot produce it. Anyway, for bulk quantity, L-norvaline is manufactured by synthesis or fermented by bacteria such as E. coli, which are often present in the normal flora of the gut.

Mechanism of action of L-Norvaline

How does L-Norvaline work? We have to talk about its relation with arginase. L-Norvaline is not utilized in protein synthesis, but has beneficial effects in the body due to its enzyme inhibiting properties.

L-norvaline is a mixed arginase inhibitor, breaking down arginine not just in the liver (the site of urea production), and also a variety of some other locations including the GI lumen and endothelium of vasculature. Therefore, arginase is an evil enzyme and something we don’t need or want. Arginase’s job is always to limit your body’s power to effectively use nitric oxide. Arginine has been proven to be a precursor to nitric oxide. Thus, the inhibiting of arginase will boost the concentration of arginine and more will be converted into nitric oxide. More nitric oxides within the body mean a lot: Nitric oxide is the muscle’s “cell-signaling” molecule a major contributor to blood flood (hemodilation), oxygen delivery, glucose uptake, muscle velocity, power output, and muscle growth. When you’re not making the full use of nitric oxide, your performance suffers and you tire faster than ever before.

Benefits of taking L-norvaline supplements

L-Norvaline is involved in the indirect increase of nitric oxide levels in the blood. Nitric oxide has been shown to cause relaxation in the blood vessels. This vasodilatation may help to treat heart problems and lower blood pressure. When nitric oxide production is not properly produced, an individual may have health problems such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart failure, and arteriosclerosis.

L-norvaline bodybuilding

Studies have suggested that L-Norvaline can promote increases in muscle strength, growth and endurance by blocking the activity of arginase-an enzyme that inhibits the formation of nitric oxide within the body.

L-Norvaline & Increased Energy

As your body increases nitric oxide production, the blood flow enables you to better maintain your core temperature balance. When body temperature rises your bodies response is to try and prevent you from over-heating. With good blood flow this process is made easier, so your body will use less energy to cool you down which leaves you with more energy to complete your workouts with.

L-Norvaline & Male Enhancement

Nitric oxide production is of major importance in the signaling pathways leading to penile erections. When a man’s body produces more nitric oxide, the increase blood flow entering the penis engorges the cavernous blood sinuses comprising much of the penis volume. This engorgement in turn acts to compress the veins draining blood from the penis. The increased inflow and decreased outflow of blood causes an erection.
L-Norvaline Side Effects
Due to the insufficient studies regarding Norvaline, there are no purported negative effects to its use. The levels found in supplements are definitely safe to use however and no negative issues have ever been reported. As the ingredient can increase blood flow, it may elicit symptoms such as light headedness or dizziness, but again, these have never been shown.

As long as you keep to suggested serving size, risk of side effects is rare. Some side effects associated with L-Norvaline include headaches and minor gastrointestinal pains as well as fatigue.

L-Norvaline Dosage

There are no recommendations at this time for L-Norvaline. low doses won’t do anything, high doses may be detrimental to health, and medium doses co-ingested with arginine may increase arginine’s bioavailability.

However, theoretically it should be taken around 30-45 minutes prior to training and at a dose of at least 100mg per serve.

Norvaline as a single ingredient can be stacked with other pre workout supplements or even intra workouts for best results. However, it can really be stacked with any supplement.

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